Will there be additional Value Added Tax (VAT) charges when I purchase a ticket?

No. You only need to pay the price marked on the ticket, which is AED 500. The ticket price is already inclusive of VAT.

Will there be VAT charges applied when claiming the Cash Draw prizes?

No. There are no VAT charges applied on our cash prizes. Winners will receive the exact amounts advertised.

Will there be VAT charges applied on Dream Car Draw prizes?

No. There will be no VAT charges applied to the Dream Car. However, if the winner decides to resell the car, it is the winner’s responsibility to pay any applicable taxes.

Will there be VAT charges applied on Cash on Delivery (COD) purchases?

Yes, there will be VAT charges applied on the delivery fee. This charge is paid to our third-party courier company, not Big Ticket.

If I use my Debit Card or Credit Card to purchase a ticket, will there be VAT charges applied?

Big Ticket will not charge VAT on purchases done through debit or credit card. However, if the bank applies any service charges, it is the customer’s responsibility to pay them.