The Big 10 Big Ticket Draw No.178 for March 2017!

Congratulations to our new batch of lucky Big Ticket Winners for The Big 10 Big Ticket Draw no. 178 headed by our grand prize winner of AED 10 million, Ms. Nishitha Radhakrishna Pillai from India.

It was an eventful day for the draw as the grand prize winner was picked by no other than the grand prize winner of February 2017 Super Seven Series 177 promo, Mr. Sreerajkrishnan Kopparembil.

The draw was held today, April 5, 2017 10:00 am at the Arrivals Hall of the Abu Dhabi International Airport.

From L-R: Big Ticket Manager, Super 7 Series 177 winner, ADAC Commercial Manager and ADAC Manager